Call Us Color Crazed

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We pride ourselves on making communities brighter, painting top-notch work, and busting our asses while the competition naps. Paint is in our veins – it empowers us to look at life through every color of the spectrum, in a world that often still thinks in black and white.

Our craft is for the people. It’s for the saturated souls, the humans of all hues, and those willing to look at things from a different perspective, whether that’s looking down from a rig or up from the streets.

For the last fifteen years, our craft – as insane and time consuming it is – has resulted in more shades than the sun itself can dream up, allowing us to infuse our obsession with color into neighborhoods across the country and around the globe. From cowboys and astronauts to models and monsters, here’s to painting every shade of the spectrum, and doing it with pride.

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