Colossal’s Finest Celebrity Portraits

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Every Colossal painter’s knowledge has a 50-year-long pedigree. That’s what allows us to paint ten portraits at once and guarantee that each one is recreated perfectly.

Colossal is the only company in the world whose paint staff is made up of seven generations of walldogs. We’ve got expert painters who were brushing during the 60s working alongside those who learned from them in the 80s and 90s.

Today, we continue that lineage with our apprenticeship program. We tapped into 175 years of accumulated experience to create a grueling curriculum that prepares new walldogs to learn how to execute great paintings.

After graduating, ex-apprentices start with the graphic stuff: solid shapes that have discernible edges. As they prove themselves capable, they’re introduced to more and more complex imagery like bottles and cars. Portrait painting only starts after painters have mastered the skeletal bone structures, shapes, planes, and reflected and absorbed light that make up the features of all anatomical architecture.

It’s not easy… but if we liked easy, we wouldn’t be painting walls.

“That looks f@#$ing awesome.”
– Rag & Bone responding to portrait of Haley Bennett

“That’s a premiere for us and the result is striking!”
– Givenchy responding to portrait of Candice Swanepoel

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