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For four years and counting, PUMA has counted on Colossal to give its reps the hand paint treatment. Usain Bolt, Rihanna, Mario Balotelli, and Kylie Jenner have lent their likenesses to Colossal walls across the country, and our unrivaled photorealism keeps the brand coming back for more.

Hand painted advertising mural in Los Angeles
Los Angeles mural of Usain Bolt
Hand painted PUMA mural in LA
Out of home advertising mural hand painted by Colossal Media in Los Angeles
Don't win the race. Dominate the sport.
Meek Mill x PUMA in Los Angeles
Puma mural in progress in Manhattan
Completed PUMA mural in Manhattan
Out of home advertising mural in Manhattan
Hand painted PUMA mural in Manhattan
Photorealistic portrait for PUMA by Colossal