Colossal Media is one of the easiest outdoor advertising companies in the industry to work with.

Since we hand paint all of our walls, we are exempt from the structural and regulatory challenges that go along with building traditional billboard structures. We handle all necessary permitting, and work with municipalities across the country in order to protect our landlords and help our building owners earn hassle-free income.


Given our highly competitive lease rates, our landlords earn significant amounts without being required to make any financial investment. Additionally, our in-house production team gives us the ability to outbid most of our competitors. We pride ourselves in the long-term relationships that we build with our landlords and hold a retention rate of over 95%, one of the highest in the industry. Because we grow one wall at a time, every detail of our landlords needs and concerns are met in a way that our competitors cannot match.


We have a successful track record in working with Landmark Commissions and Community Boards, continuing the tradition of hand painted advertisements in neighborhoods where vinyl and modern techniques are prohibited.


If you feel you have a potential location, please contact us immediately and we will arrange for a site visit to assess the opportunity. We look forward to helping you unlock a long-term alternative revenue source that will increase your properties value.

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