Colossal Media was created with the simple belief that artists still matter, that a crew of walldogs painting 60 feet above the sidewalk will always be more interesting than printing onto a piece of plastic.  This passion and painstaking attention to detail has earned the trust of today’s most reputable media agencies, brands, artists and cultural organizations. By giving clients a stage from which to tell their stories, we provide compelling reasons to LOOK UP in this age of looking down.  Brushstroke by brushstroke, we move forward onto new walls and into new cities, unyielding in our commitment to Always HandPaint.

  • “Contrary to popular belief, New York's most spectacular art isn't hanging at the Museum of Modern Art or at the Met. It adorns the sides of buildings in some of the city's more interesting neighborhoods, much of it painted by one company; the aptly named Colossal Media.”

  • “Colossal’s work is a Performance Art.”

  • “The Jamaica Tourist Board has tapped hand paint advertisement experts, Colossal Media, to put up trompe l'oeil murals around New York City. The realistic paintings really do make passers-by want to jump into the wall and straight into the Caribbean island.”

  • “Savvy clients who aim to win over hard-to-please, advertising-skeptical urbanites were quickly convinced. Clients are attracted to that handmade quality of colossal’s pieces.”

  • “Has the elusive British graffiti artist Banksy struck New York again? ... That work was believed to be a collaboration between Banksy and the outdoor advertising company Colossal Media, which put up both murals and had no comment on Banksy's involvement.”

  • “Walldogs's Painted Ads Resurface In NYC As Urban 'Modern Art' ”


Colossal Media is the outdoor advertising industry’s leader of hand painted campaigns, reflected in the 400 murals painted annually for the world’s most influential brands. With over 100 fully permitted locations in markets like New York, LA, Chicago, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle, we offer unparalleled opportunities in our format.


Our extensive relationships in the art world have enabled us to collaborate with the biggest players in the industry — from the most influential street artists to the most visited art museums in the world.  Most importantly, our commitment to displaying public art on a grand scale has transformed once dreary walls into sources of community pride. When it comes to experience, licensing and insurance requirements, no other company can match Colossal’s ability to execute large-scale productions worldwide.


We are both licensed Riggers & Sign Hangers, and are fully insured to execute commercial paintings projects of any scale.  Our combination of highly trained Painters and professional Project Managers allow us to skillfully and efficiently complete your next project.


Colossal Media has permanent inventory in 8 Key DMAs as well as an ever-growing network of locations in major markets nationwide.

New York – Los Angeles – San Francisco – Chicago – Boston – Portland – Seattle – Denver


We pride ourselves on the long-term relationships that we build with our real estate partners. As the leader in hand painted wallscapes, we are able to offer the highest rental rates in the industry. If you feel that you have a location with potential, please contact us immediately and we will arrange for a site visit. We look forward to helping you unlock a hassle-free revenue source that will increase your property’s value.

“I find it a pleasure to work with Colossal for the simple fact that they answer the phone and get back to me in a timely manner, unlike other large outdoor companies that I have worked with. Colossal has a very good sense of effective communication.”

   – Phillip Ragaway, building owner of 722 E Burnside in Portland, Oregon.


Patrick Elasik (1979-2005) Was born in Langley, Virginia. He spent the majority of his years traveling the world riding his surf board and becoming an unshakeable memory to everyone he met along the way. He had a unforgettably spirited personality. In Pat’s time away from the water, he co-founded Colossal Media and Mass Appeal Magazine. Pat died in a tragic subway accident on March 9th, 2005. You can read more about Pat at his memorial board.